2 octubre, 2017

Therapeutic use of the Cannabis



Extensive scientific research has proven that Cannabis is able to treat different kind of disorders and illnesses in an efficient way.

Sometimes it can replace traditional medicines, in other occasions it can help to strength the effectiveness of the medication, and in other cases it can become the only answer to give a better quality of life to the patients.

Scientific studies are finding out new medical uses of the Cannabis. Many doctors and scientists devote their lives to search for new alternatives that can treat illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer and so on. Their answers are found in this plant. Here you can look at some of the most important studies about the cannabis and its therapeutic scope.

It helps to mend broken bones, acts against epileptic seizures, prevents the body from rejecting transplanted organs, it has beneficial effects in the treatment of anxiety, preserve the memory, it is successful in combating glaucoma, controls chronic pain, decreases cancer risk, helps to reduce mortality in brain injuries’ patients, prevents obesity and diabetes.