29 septiembre, 2017

Our Mission

We are a company who has alliances with the Indigenous territory in Toribio-Cauca which is a region where the plantation of cannabis for medical purposes is done in an organic manner and is controlled and supervised for the government entities required to do so.

Our company is lawfully producing cannabis into extracts of good concentrations which is 3 times higher in CBD and its content of THC is very low which makes the psychoactive effect of the THC to nearly null. CBD and THC are legal in Colombia since 2016 for medicinal purposes. When it comes to cancer it is well known that to treat it you need CBD and THC.

We currently have an agreement with the post-conflict victims unit as Colombia recently signed peace agreements with armed groups that were operating outside the law.

The civil war we had in Colombia brought total poverty in the areas where these groups  were operating and left their people without access to affordable healthcare as one of their consequences.

Lots of these people are suffering with painful and terminal illnesses such as cancer and some of them are babies and children and their parents have no financial resources to access treatments.

We believe we can help them with our extracts as we have cured a child suffering from Leukemia which prognosis was very poor. There is a video of his journey in our webpage which you can look at.  link: https://youtu.be/LkZVOh-Gyn0

We have lots of patients who cannot afford the cannabis oil treatment and who are victims of the post conflict and therefore our main vision is to help these people who are ill and live in poverty.

We are taking this opportunity to pledge for your kind help so that you can help us to save more lives. You can contribute as little or as much as you can. Every little helps and we will be very grateful you give them the opportunity to start a new life with good health. At the moment we have at least 1000 people waiting for treatment. Most of them are children and elderly people.