29 septiembre, 2017

About Us


We are a company that specializes in consultancy about alternative medicines taking into account our natives from Toribio-Cauca´s ancestral knowledge and expertise with medical cannabis.

Our aim is the wellbeing of you and your family.

Ours is a family-run business and is consisted of the sisters, LUZ MARINA MORALES CHACÓN AND CLAUDIA LEONOR MORALES CHACÓN as well as ADRIAN CASTRO CALANCHE (Claudia´s husband). It all started because our mother was going through a difficult time due to her ill health. She had been suffering from knee´s arthrosis, broken meniscus and ligaments as well as goosefoot bursitis.

This condition caused her a lot of pain and made her life miserable; as a consequence of this condition, she decided to quit her job.

She was bedridden at home most of the time without being able to walk. Once she started to use the MEDICAL CANNABIS´s oil drops and the ointments, her quality of life improved in a massive way. Three months later she was able to walk again without pain and to carry on with her life.

Because of this experience, we decided to join forces together to help people who suffer from very painful illnesses like the one our mother had and other ones. So we have chosen to make this our life project. Nothing gives us more satisfaction and happiness than to see our clients getting better. Maria Juana´s oils offer a medical alternative to those people who haven’t been able to find a solution with orthodox medicine to their illnesses.

We have formed working alliances with the natives of the Indigenous reservation of Toribio-Cauca, there we rely on their excellent strain growers dedicated to planting and producing the best certified strains and genetics of Medicinal Cannabis. We offer highly pure and effective products to provide a better quality of life.

We have the endorsement of THE INVIMA RESOLUTION NUMBER 243630 that makes our products reliable for consumption and topical use. Our biggest goal is to have happy customers who can give testimonials for others who doubt in alternative medicine and who really want to have a better quality of life. We have the advice of  Allopath Physicians, Homeopaths and Naturopaths; also we count on the support of the psychologists whose expertise is in family care.